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South Africa grade 1 English curriculum

Alignments coming soon

IXL's grade 1 skills will be aligned to the National Curriculum Statement soon! Until then, you can view a complete list of grade 1 objectives below. Be sure to check out the English practice questions in IXL's 156 grade 1 skills.

P Phonics

  • P.1 Identifies letter-sound relationships of all single letters

  • P.2 Builds words using sounds learnt (e.g. words with. -at, -et, -it, -ot, -ut, -ag, e.g. -ig, -og, -ug, -an, -en, -in, -un, -am)

  • P.3 Uses consonant blends to build up and break down words (r and l blends)

  • P.4 Recognises common consonant digraphs at the beginning and end of a word, e.g. sh, ch and th

  • P.5 Recognises plurals ('s' and 'es') and word endings ('ing' and 'ed') aurally

  • P.6 Groups common words into sound families