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Meet IXL Analytics—powerful insights that can change your classroom today. Watch how your students shine when they get immediate feedback, insight on their own growth, and support from you the moment they need it.

Teach to the whole class

Make the most of whole-class instruction with real-time reports that allow you to intervene in the moment, before misconceptions become trouble spots. With our Live Classroom, you can maintain a pulse on class activity and keep students focused on the task at hand.

Target small groups

Accomplish more during valuable class time by addressing common areas of need. Our Trouble Spots report groups students according to the level of scaffolding they're struggling with, so you can zero in on problem areas and reteach more effectively.

Prepare for individual coaching

Track individual students' growth toward milestones, whether they're working ahead or part of an intervention programme. The Progress and Improvement report shows at a glance the strides students have made and where they still have room to grow.

Achieve more with reports designed for your needs

See student activity

Get an overview of class practice and check progress on assignments.

Track scores

Keep track of scores for each and every skill in one convenient chart.

View practice sessions

Review the questions students answered to prepare for 1:1 coaching.

Check curriculum

Monitor readiness for high-stakes assessments with national curriculum alignments.

Ready to help your students reach their full potential?

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I had a student that was struggling and I could not figure out what she was struggling with. But IXL's Analytics allowed me to see that what she couldn't do was add and subtract integers—she could multiply and divide them—but not add and subtract. So without that data, I would never have been able to figure out where she was struggling.
Nancy Foote, teacher
Sossaman Middle School, Higley, AZ

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