Personalised learning made simple

IXL provides the content and the insights so you can personalise instruction and help students make more progress, faster.

All the tools you need in one place

Comprehensive curriculum

5 000+ skills from Preschool to Grade 12 cover any concept in maths and English

Independent learning

Each IXL skill challenges students at the right level and provides immediate feedback

Actionable analytics

Real-time insights help teachers address student needs efficiently and effectively

Curriculum to support every lesson

IXL is aligned to the national curriculum and provides comprehensive coverage of maths and English, with 5 000+ scaffolded skills that adapt to each student's unique needs. Wherever a student is in their personal learning journey, IXL has the right content to support them.

Impact student learning with actionable insights

IXL Analytics provides real‑time insights that empower teachers to use their limited time more effectively. IXL Analytics alerts teachers when students need help, pinpoints specific trouble spots, and even forms small groups. With this actionable information, teachers are able to respond to student needs more efficiently.

Intro to IXL Analytics

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The feedback IXL sends to me as a teacher, showing how much time kids spend on IXL, what they did, and what their challenging areas are, is great. My students' grades have been affected very positively.
Makuena Lintsa, 4th grade teacher
Maseru, Lesotho

The perfect fit for your classroom

Easy to use and flexible enough for every classroom setting, schools around the world are using IXL's platform to provide personalised support. Schools have successfully implemented IXL for intervention, enrichment, standards preparation and more!


IXL's scaffolded skills target students' specific areas of need, and IXL Analytics helps RTI teachers analyse trouble spots and progress.
RTI Made Easy with IXL
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Since IXL allows students to practise in all grade levels, accelerated students can always jump ahead to find skills that match their ability.
Moving Beyond the Standard Curriculum
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Assessment prep

IXL offers a list of recommended practice skills for each strand, so it's easy for teachers to find the best skills for their students.
IXL powers over 150 percent growth
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Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your school.

Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your district.