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IXL empowers you to meet the unique needs of each student.

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IXL is designed to help you personalise instruction. With IXL's comprehensive maths and English curriculum, you'll have the content you need to support every lesson you teach. And with IXL Analytics, you can quickly see each student's current understanding of the topic, paired with actionable next steps to help them grow.

A learning experience students love

Each IXL skill holds a world of learning. Students engage with interactive questions that adapt to their level of understanding, and learn from their mistakes with specific explanations after every missed question. With a carefully scaffolded curriculum of over 5 000 skills, every student has the support they need to grow.

My students LOVE IXL. They will choose to do it rather than have free time in the room, and are forever trying to beat each other's scores. They are going ahead in leaps and bounds and gaining wonderful confidence as they go.
Annette M., teacher
Drouin, Victoria, Australia

Designed for your classroom

With unmatched breadth and depth, IXL's curriculum-aligned learning experience helps students succeed in school, on assessments and beyond. Our flexible curriculum can be used with almost any teaching strategy, including 1:1 and flipped classrooms, rotational models and more—so you can create the perfect classroom experience. Over 900 000 teachers trust IXL—try it today!

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Proven to accelerate learning

Studies encompassing 57 230 schools prove that schools using IXL outperform those using any other product or method. No matter where IXL is used or how it is implemented, IXL is helping students succeed. See why over 900 000 teachers trust IXL—try it today!

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Want to know how IXL helps thousands of classrooms, schools and districts improve student performance? Get a peek at our carefully crafted content, hear from educators about how IXL has helped their classrooms succeed and learn why students love IXL!

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Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your school.

Sign up for IXL today and see how IXL can make a difference in your district.