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Skills available for South Africa grade 11 maths curriculum

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11.1 Functions

11.2 Number Patterns, Sequences and Series

  • 11.2.a Investigate number patterns leading to those where there is a constant second difference between consecutive terms, and the general term is therefore quadratic.

11.3 Finance, Growth and Decay

11.4 Algebra

11.5 Differential Calculus

11.6 Probability

11.7 Euclidean Geometry and Measurement

11.8 Trigonometry

11.9 Analytical Geometry

11.10. Statistics

  • 11.10.a Represent measures of central tendency and dispersion in univariate numerical data by:

    • 11.10.a.1 using ogives; and

    • 11.10.a.2 calculating the variance and standard deviation of sets of data manually (for small sets of data) and using calculators (for larger sets of data) and representing results graphically.

  • 11.10.b Represent Skewed data in box and whisker diagrams, and frequency polygons. Identify outliers.